Bees  and  Men

Kreidezeichnung von Waben

To be Touched by the Bees’ World

Everything visible borders on the invisible,
Everything audible borders on the inaudible,
Everything comprehensible borders on the incomprehensible,
And perhaps everything thinkable borders on the unthinkable.

Lama Anagarika Govinda

For more than 50 Million Years

Honeybees have lived for more than 50 000 000 years on this earth. During all this time bees have been and still are subjected to many different, sometimes adverse life conditions. This made them strong and uniquely successful.

They share their success by giving us their products which are all have medicinal uses. We may be thankful for this and for being able to learn from bees..

Many things associated with a hive of bees are visible, audible and comprehensible. When the interested observer begins to turn to the life of bees, he or she will find a whole new world. Yet there is also the other side of the border where – perhaps like everything human beings form a relationship with - some things remain hidden to the outer senses. So even if one does not have any intention to take up beekeeping, it is well worth while trying to form a connection with bees.